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Third Party References

As JustGiving is connected with a variety of third party systems where donations can be made, charities may find that some donations on their reports show Third Party References.

These Third Party References can be found on all Donation Reports downloaded from the charity account. For information on how to download a Donation Report, please see our guide to Donation Reports

Please be aware that you will need to have the Third Party Reference column selected to see this information in the report. Filtering the column will allow you to quickly determine which donations were made using different third party systems.




Each code is connected to a different third party system. Codes you will most often see in this column would be:

  • Funeralzone (UK only) - Donations made through the Funeral Zone website
  • Dignity (UK only) - Donations made through the Dignity website
  • Liberty Pay donation transaction IDs
  • 'Giving Checkout' or your charity's customised Giving Checkout reference
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