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Receiving contactless donations through LibertyPay

JustGiving has a partnership with a company called LibertyPay that enables you to receive card donations through Contactless Donation Boxes linked to your JustGiving account. All the donations get logged in your JustGiving reports and are paid straight into your bank account from JustGiving. 

Contact LibertyPay to find out more about buying or renting a Contactless Donation Box.

How quickly do we receive contactless donations made through LibertyPay?

All donations processed are paid out weekly in line with the same process for all other types of donations.

How do I identify contactless donations made through LibertyPay in my reports?

Each donation can be found in your payment report by looking at the following columns:

- Product Source = Liberty Pay
- Payment Type = Contactless
- Third Party Reference = {transactionID}

To help you learn about the different columns in your data report, we've created a template report in Excel with definitions of each column. Visit Understanding your donation payment reports and go to the bottom of the page to download a copy.

It will look like this:


What fees apply to contactless donations made through LibertyPay?

We apply a 5% fee to these donations and deduct it before sending the donations over to you

Can Gift Aid be added to these donations?

Not at the current time, as we don’t collect consent data from the donor. This is a feature we’d like to introduce in the future, so watch this space!

Can the donations be directed to a specific Fundraising Page or Campaign Page?

Not at the moment, but it might be something we add in in the future

How do I get a device and what does it cost?

Contact LibertyPay to find out more about buying or renting a Contactless Donation Box.

What do the devices look like? Can we brand them?

LibertyPay's Contactless Donation Boxes can be used in lots of different ways and you can add your branding. Please contact LibertyPay to find out more.


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