JustGiving’s deeplink generator tool

If you’re looking to reduce the number of steps required to create a page or donate, look no further than our newly updated deeplink generator tool.

What’s a deeplink?

A deeplink is simply a bespoke link which reduces the number of clicks required to either make a Fundraising Page or a donation through JustGiving by preselecting criteria such as your charity, a certain event or a donation amount.

It makes it quicker for your supporters and reduces the chance of them creating a page or making a donation to the wrong charity or event!

What’s the tool?

We’ve created an Excel spreadsheet to help you create these links.

You can download the generator tool at the bottom of this page then save it to your computer for whenever you need to create a link.

What can I use it for?

You’ll see there are 3 tabs on the spreadsheet:

  1. Event deeplink generator

This tool allows you to create page creation links that pre-selects your charity and a specific event. You can also link the page to a Campaign if you have a Campaign page for a specific event!

  1. Page category deeplink generator

This tool allows you to create page creation links for your charity and certain page types, for example an In memory or a birthday page.

  1. Donation link generator

This tool allows you to create a donation link using our new Giving Checkout tool, you can preselect your charity, donation amount and whether you want the link to default to one off or recurring donations.

Top tip! Always make sure you share the exact link the generator creates, not the one from your browser if you test the link!

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