Reports available in your JustGiving account

There are three types of reports available in your JustGiving account:

  • A payment report
  • A fundraising page report
  • A donation report

What's a payment report?

Your payment report gives you a detailed breakdown of the donation and Gift Aid payments (if you're in the UK) we make to your organisation. They include:

  • the amounts we’ve paid to you and our fees
  • the donor details (unless they’ve asked to remain anonymous)
  • the fundraiser whose JustGiving page received the donation (this information will be left blank for donations made straight to your charity).

What's included?

  • The left hand columns display the details of the person who is raising money for your charity (the fundraiser) and has received the donation on their page.
  • The right hand columns display the  details of the donor. They will display as anonymous unless if they have given us permission to pass their contact information on to you. These donors can be sent a personal thank you from your charity and can be added to your database of supporters.
  • The fundraiser related columns in the report will be blank for direct donations as these have not been made to a fundraising page.

Find out more about formatting your payment reports to make them easier to read.

Learn more about payment reports here.

What's a fundraising page report?

Your fundraising page report shows you all the information you need to know about the fundraising pages connected to your charity. This includes the fundraiser’s contact details and how much they’ve raised.

There are three types of fundraising page reports:

  1. Pages created – so you can identify new fundraisers and contact them.
  2. Pages expiring – so you know when to thank your fundraisers.
  3. Pages with an event date – so you can see all the pages created for specific events and the total raised for the event.What's a donation report?

Your donation report shows you all the information you need to know about donations made to your charity – whether they are made directly to your charity or through a fundraising page. They also show you details of 'opted-in' donors.

Find out more about your fundraising page reports here.

What's a donation report?

Your donation report shows you all the information you need to know about donations made to your charity on JustGiving. These could be donations made through fundraising pages or directly to your organisation. They also include contact details of donors that have opted in to receive communications from you.

You can download a donation report for a week, a month or a custom period of time. 

You can learn more about your donation reports here.

Where can I see all the payments we've received from JustGiving?

  1. Log in to your charity account
  2. Click on the Reports tab. 
  3. To view donations made in Britsh pounds, select Payment reports - donations made in British pounds. For all other currencies, select Payment reports - donations made in other currencies
  4. You can opt to see payments made during specific dates, the last 30 days, year to date or during the last tax year. You can also opt to Show all reports
  5. Click on the PDF icon next to the payment to view the transaction invoice.
  6. Click on the payment report for a full breakdown of the payment. Each donation is shown in a row of its own.
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